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"A dangerously beautiful new group that will soon be embraced!"-Jos Kamps (

"Lovers & Lions simply show that there is no substitute for pure natural talent. Timeless music."- John Tilly

Lovers & Lions

Lovers & Lions is a four-piece americana-folk band from the east of The Netherlands, who built their harmonies around ‘three chords and the truth’.

Their sound can be best described as a mix of The Common Linnets, The Staves, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, mesmerizing their listeners with their right-in-your-face, three-part harmonies. After their first song ‘Bring Me Home’ was written, one thing was clear: harmonies and a sense of belonging brings the band members together and has made them feel like they’ve found their ‘home’ in the band.

Not long after the band started, they performed at several notable performances, containing a Tribute to 2016’s fallen music heroes at the Bostheater in Amsterdam, as well as Green Vibrations Festival and getting to play at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee. They also got to perform as support acts to Jake Etheridge & Matthew Crosby (The Common Linnets) and Erwin Nyhoff(The Voice Of Holland).

In March of 2018, Lovers & Lions released their first single with ASCAP and Dove award-winning songwriter/producer Henk Pool and released the official video to the song in April of the same year, shot by Hellenthal Studios.

Being together little over a year, the next ambitious milestone hit its mark: Flying out to Nashville, Tennessee, to record their debut EP and write new songs. Getting there took a lot of effort, including a crowdfunding, which’ entire process can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel as a web series called: ‘The Road To Nashville’.

The band released their debut EP ‘LOVERS & LIONS presents THE NASHVILLE SESSIONS’ in 2019, as well as an accompanying documentary about their adventures in Nashville.





Ukulele / Singer


Guitarist / Singer


Guitarist / Singer

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