29th August 2017
Live Session, Zwolle
Time: 21:00
Venue: Bruisweken
Address: Katerdijk 7
Zipcode: 8011 BK
State: Overijssel
Country: NL
Phone: 088 469 6684

During this time at the end of August is when Dutch high school kids go to college in Zwolle. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Bruisweken’, where about 3000-4000 students get to know the city of Zwolle and hang out with their fellow freshmen.

During the Bruisweken Zwolle’s student rowing club ‘Z.S.R. Boreas’ will host a party themed; ‘Zorgeloos’, which is dutch for ‘without worries’. During the busy schedule of the ‘Bruisweken’, they create a haven of rest to escape from all the chaos.

Lovers & Lions will be playing a set live! Feel free to join in, and check out Z.S.R. Boreas’ new fraternity house.